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Thank you, doctor! Time to take a break with the best from Rhodes Island.

Are you looking to organise an anime themed event or gathering? We could be just the partner for you with our love for anime, our experience designing and cooking anime themed food, and our aesthetic cafe which is centrally located. Drop us an email and we'll be in contact!

Mid Autumn Guess the Anime Quiz 2022

Daijoubu organised its inaugural event in conjunction with Mid Autumn Festival. One of the games often associated with the festival is the lantern riddle or 灯谜. So we created our own anime quiz using emojis. Five lucky winners who got all the answers right won a $10 dining voucher while a few enthusiastic participants who contributed their own questions received a nice mooncake treat too!

Scan the QR for the quiz in case you missed it. Do you know the answers?

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