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Thank you, doctor! Time to take a break with the best from Rhodes Island.

Are you looking to organise an anime themed event or gathering? We could be just the partner for you with our love for anime, our experience designing and cooking anime themed food, and our aesthetic cafe which is centrally located. Drop us an email and we'll be in contact!

Official Tensura Scarlet Bonds Anime Café Collaboration

Since Daijoubu is an anime themed cafe, we just had to go all out with an official collaboration with an anime. In conjunction with their 10th anniversary and first movie launch, the studio behind the hit isekai That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime agreed to our collaboration proposal!

So for the month of January and February, we went cray cray serving Rimuru themed food and also running our very own Tensura kuji to appease that gacha monster in all of us. We were heartened that many commented that the food was really good which was rather unexpected considering the anime theme. This gave our team a huge boost in confidence that we can achieve our vision of good anime themed food!

All the merchandise available for redemption
Rimuru joining me for the big screen

We also introduced a new menu item which looked suspiciously like Rimuru himself. Our egglet waffle (S$2.90) complements our menu by giving you more options for tea time snack or a base to go with our chicken karaage or seared salmon mentaiko. Yummy!

We also had the honor of having Rimuru and his companions stay at our humble abode and organised a movie giveaway for the most knowledgeable fan of the anime. If you missed the Tensura crossword puzzle, you can still try it at this link. This was our first official collaboration, so we were really overwhelmed on the sheer number of things that we needed to get done.

Rimuru-sama looking great
Winners of our big prizes

While there are many areas of improvement, we were still very grateful for all those who came in cosplay, gave us your best artwork and had fun connecting with us! A special shout out to Geek Culture, Muse Communications, and Hakken who supported us and featured our collaboration café. We look forward to hosting another official collaboration event as more people get to know about us. If you like what Daijoubu is doing, help us grow this community by following us on Instagram!

Don’t fade I want you back…

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