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Thank you, doctor! Time to take a break with the best from Rhodes Island.

Are you looking to organise an anime themed event or gathering? We could be just the partner for you with our love for anime, our experience designing and cooking anime themed food, and our aesthetic cafe which is centrally located. Drop us an email and we'll be in contact!

How To Meet Other Anime Geeks Like You

The serendipitous thing about celebrating a niche interest is that it lends itself to attracting other people like you. During our Tensura collaboration we got to know many other anime and gaming enthusiasts. One of them introduced us to their interest group called GEEKS. They organise regular meet ups for their growing base of members according to their interests in comics, toy collectibles and Marvel/DC movies.

We met up to discuss how our interests could align and after one successful run of an anime themed gathering, we decided to convert this into a monthly get together which will be held on the last Saturday of every month. And thus the Daijoubu x GEEKS anime club was born. Since March 2023, we have organised thematic gatherings with focus on Demon Slayer and Pokemon, as well as more casual meet ups where we played a variety of video games, board games and explored toy photography too!

Cozying up on sofa to battle against each other in Demon Slayer Nintendo Switch
Moving from digital to table top games to put your wits to the test

If you are looking to join a casual anime themed club and meet other people like you, feel free to check out GEEKS Meetup page or drop us a message on our Instagram to check when we would next be gathering.

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