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Thank you, doctor! Time to take a break with the best from Rhodes Island.

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Daijoubu desuka? Commemorating Mental Health Week

Taking a back seat from all things anime, this week (9-13 October) we focused on an important issue plaguing many of us in the post COVID world. When we hang out with our friends, we don’t always feel comfortable sharing with them about our concerns and struggles, which may be the very push that people who are inwardly suffering need – an outlet, a listening ear, a hug, some encouragement and shedding of tears even.

So it was really great that for Mental Health Week, we were given conversation starter sticks for every table to get people talking to one another about topics such as their bucket list, strengths, regrets and even quirky things like what you want to put on a billboard for others to know. And it’s a subtle way to find out if your crush is worth it!

In conjunction with Mental Health Week, we also launched a special meal called “With Love, From Me” priced at a unique S$8.31. For those who understand Internet speak, you should know what these numbers mean. It’s our way of telling our customers that we need to have some healthy dose of self love especially when we get inundated with messages daily that we’re not good enough.

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