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Thank you, doctor! Time to take a break with the best from Rhodes Island.

Are you looking to organise an anime themed event or gathering? We could be just the partner for you with our love for anime, our experience designing and cooking anime themed food, and our aesthetic cafe which is centrally located. Drop us an email and we'll be in contact!

Daijoubu x Subatoki – Not just your ordinary maid cafe

We had the privilege of partnering with interest group Subatoki to bring to life the third instalment of Tsundere Cafe in Singapore. Through this atypical maid cafe concept, customers had the opportunity to let their hair down and have fun… at their own expense.

Getting ready for the big show

We didn’t know what a tsundere cafe was but we were game to give it a shot as it tied in nicely with our inner otaku and love for all things related to Japanese pop culture. We were initially skeptical about filling 180 slots but the reception was astounding and all slots were booked up in no time.

So what is a tsundere cafe? Instead of being served with adorable smiles and kawaii expressions, the team of specially trained meidos and butlers will dish out the opposite treatment such as death stares, side eyes, small punishments and angsty service throughout the dining experience. However as you partake in these small antics, you will soon break through their feisty exterior to receive warmer treatment.

Playing games and letting your hair down with your dedicated meido or butler is the only way to really enjoy the experience.

On the day itself, our small kitchen unlocked a new capability of cooking up 30 sets of mentaiko cream pasta and chicken katsu burger within half an hour. Thereafter, we kicked back and were thoroughly entertained by the antics of the maids, the awkwardness of our customers as they adapted to the unusual treatment, and subsequently their own requests to amp up the embarrassment meter.

New achievement unlocked – 30 portions of mentaiko cream pasta with seared butter prawns in 30 minutes…

All in all, it was truly an eye-opening experience and we were glad to have been part of the team to make it happen. We hoped our customers enjoyed themselves and more importantly created memories that would leave them chatting about this novel experience many years to come.

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