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Thank you, doctor! Time to take a break with the best from Rhodes Island.

Are you looking to organise an anime themed event or gathering? We could be just the partner for you with our love for anime, our experience designing and cooking anime themed food, and our aesthetic cafe which is centrally located. Drop us an email and we'll be in contact!

Genshin Impact 3rd Anniversary Themed Menu

We were quite sad that there wasn’t any HoYoFest collaboration cafe this year. I guess after the last two attempts, HoYoverse probably decided that they were better off doing their own events. Well that didn’t stop us from running our very own Genshin Impact campaign to show our love for this game.

This year we partnered with the eSports club of SMU, NUS and NTU to run the annual Genshin Impact boss rush challenge to see which team would emerge victorious in this gruelling challenge held in the scorching hot Sumerian desert. After 15 teams battle it out over 5 hours, one team from SMU, NUS and NTU each clinched the top 3 positions. Winning teams won themselves a battle pass sponsored by us and a Welkin Moon sponsored by the organisers. Based on the team combinations, it appears our lady Yelan carries the fights again.

Winning team from SMU eSports club

We also introduced a themed menu celebrating food from Mondstadt, Inazuma, Sumeru and Fontaine.

  • Sparkling Berry Juice (or Diluc’s Juice as some would call it) @ S$4.90
  • Tricolor Dango Mochi @ S$3.90
  • Butter Chicken @ S$6.90
  • Garlic Bagutte @ S$2.90

The pairing of the butter chicken and garlic baguette especially was a great combo of tantalising tastes of aromatic spices.

To further whet our appetite, we also ran a Genshin Impact gacha game complete with pity system and whatnot. For every S$5 spent on our menu, customers could draw from a deck of 30 cards and when they successfully match 3 cards of the same character, they can redeem an official Genshin Impact merchandise ranging from character plushies to collectible cards. I think we must have ignited the gacha monster in all of us…

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